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 Pourquoi les elfes sont en voie d'extinction...

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MessageSujet: Pourquoi les elfes sont en voie d'extinction...   Ven 23 Mai - 21:52

J'ai trouvé ça sur warhammer-empire.com (en anglais!). Ah! nos amis les elfes! I love you

The Elves' reproduction

A new published report concerning the Elves’ reproduction has shown stunning evidence that the Elves are a dying race. It gives us a detailed insight in the elf society, which basically is crumbling because no new elf babies are born. Here are the reasons why.

The High elves.

They train all the time in order to prepare for the Dark elves. They do this by chopping wood or farming. Now, because all the males are out training and fighting, the women are left home doing the cooking and all that and therefore the males wont see much to their female counterpart because of their wars.

In addition. The High elf males have seen the Dark elves and their women folk and are very jealous, which is why they gain hatred against the DE.

The Dark elves.

The male Dark elves are very lucky to have such stunning women among them. They, opposite to the High elves, see their women every day. They fight together, but they are unavailable, off the market you might say, because they are all married to Khaine. Not a god whose women you want to take.

So the male Dark elves are forced to only watch their women bathe in blood together and ... do their Khaine thing.

The Wood elves

Well there isn’t much to it really. The wood elves have taken damage from being isolated from the surrounding world that they have turned to the trees to satisfy them. They have women but they also turn their attention to trees so no babies come out of them.

Summing up

Difference between the High elves and Dark elves is that the Dark elves get to see their women everyday, which doesn’t make them homosexual, but the High elves don’t and over some centuries have come to terms with the fact that they wont see their women because of their training and wars, so they choose the other gender to satisfy their pleasures.
All in all, elves don’t reproduce.
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MessageSujet: Re: Pourquoi les elfes sont en voie d'extinction...   Dim 25 Mai - 23:51

En plus qu'ils vivent pendant des centaines d'années. Si ils ne sont pas capable de trouver le temps de copuler en 500 ans, c'est qu'ils n'aiment vraiment pas les femelles...

Ouin... on va passer opur des anti-elfes avec tout ça rabbit
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Pourquoi les elfes sont en voie d'extinction...
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